Posted by: recsysmare | June 14, 2013

Photos from the workshop

Here are some photos from the workshop … thanks to the speakers and attendees for the interesting presentatoins and discussions.

We look forward to see you at the next edition of the workshop.

Marko, Nadja, Marco, Andrej and Ante

Posted by: recsysmare | June 7, 2013

Workshop Proceedings Online

The workshop proceedings is now online at CEUR-WS

Posted by: recsysmare | May 28, 2013

EMPIRe in the Conference Navigator

The papers of the EMPIRE workshop are already in the conference navigator. Bookmark the presentations and get recommendations.

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Workshop programme

The detailed workshop program has been published.

Posted by: recsysmare | May 1, 2013

Accepted papers

We are glad to publish the list of papers that have been accepted to the workshop.

  • Adam Moore, Christina M. Steiner and Owen Conlan. Design and development of an empirical smiley-based affective instrument (full paper)
  • Iván Cantador, Ignacio Fernandez-Tobias and Alejandro Bellogin. Relating Personality Types with User Preferences in Multiple Entertainment Domains (full paper)
  • Ante Odić, Marko Tkalčič, Jurij Franc Tasič and Andrej Košir. Personality and Social Context: Impact on Emotion Induction from Movies (short paper)
  • Rong Hu and Pearl Pu. Exploring Relations between Personality and User Rating Behaviors (full paper)
  • Tomaz Vodlan, Marko Tkalcic and Andrej Kosir. The Role of Social Signals in Telecommunication: Experimental Design (full paper)
  • Ciro Bologna, Anna Chiara De Rosa, Alfonso De Vivo, Matteo Gaeta, Giuseppe Sansonetti and Valeria Viserta. Personality-Based Recommendation in E-Commerce (short paper)

The detailed programme will follow in the next weeks.

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Submission deadline extension

Please note that the submission deadline has been extended to 8. April 2013

Posted by: recsysmare | March 1, 2013

Keynote speaker

We are very happy to anounce that the keynote speaker at the EMPIRE 2013 workshop will be Neal Lathia from the Networks and Operating Systems Group of Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory.

Posted by: recsysmare | January 30, 2013

Call for papers

The call for papers has been published: empire2013_CFP

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Workshop page published

The EMPIRE 2013 workshop web page is now online.