Posted by: recsysmare | May 1, 2013

Accepted papers

We are glad to publish the list of papers that have been accepted to the workshop.

  • Adam Moore, Christina M. Steiner and Owen Conlan. Design and development of an empirical smiley-based affective instrument (full paper)
  • Iván Cantador, Ignacio Fernandez-Tobias and Alejandro Bellogin. Relating Personality Types with User Preferences in Multiple Entertainment Domains (full paper)
  • Ante Odić, Marko Tkalčič, Jurij Franc Tasič and Andrej Košir. Personality and Social Context: Impact on Emotion Induction from Movies (short paper)
  • Rong Hu and Pearl Pu. Exploring Relations between Personality and User Rating Behaviors (full paper)
  • Tomaz Vodlan, Marko Tkalcic and Andrej Kosir. The Role of Social Signals in Telecommunication: Experimental Design (full paper)
  • Ciro Bologna, Anna Chiara De Rosa, Alfonso De Vivo, Matteo Gaeta, Giuseppe Sansonetti and Valeria Viserta. Personality-Based Recommendation in E-Commerce (short paper)

The detailed programme will follow in the next weeks.



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